Real Estate

For over 10 years, I have worked to build my network of strong industry connections with Real Estate Investors, Developers and Lenders.

As International Project Director, my job each year is to connect key real estate leaders, regional developers and operators with investors, lenders and capital providers from across the world.

Individually securing GBP £ 1million in sales revenue from 100% new business sales over 3 years. Developing a new sponsorship product category based on research, networking and engaging with middle manager and owners as prospective clients, who would normally fall through the cracks

I also recommend SERVICE PROVIDERS at each stage of the business discussions to handle legal and other transactions. If you fall within any of the categories below, then I would be interested in hearing from you:






 AGENT (Surveyor)


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Any other specialty that seeks to gain clients who are HNI’s, Investors, Developers, Lenders.

** It is always a challenge to find the right service providers to match with HNIs, Investors, Developer and Lenders.

So before we can do business, please help me understand a bit more about where you fit in as a company in the grand scheme of things with the Industry or Market you represent.

We also do customised packages to fit your budget, region, requirements and timelines.

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