About ATB

ATB Business Services was officially started in June 2020 based on the demand created with the unset of the COVID 19 Pandemic, which swept across the globe. Many businesses were crippled and the ripple effect led to many jobs being lost and businesses being dissolved or downsized dramatically.

The founder of this company has a wealth of knowledge and experience garnered over 15 years, working across EMEA, Asia, USA and the Caribbean. In varied industries including Law, Technology, Infrastructure, Real Estate, Tourism, Telecommunications, Radio, Transport, Finance, Engineering & Manufacturing, Aerospace, Immigration and Recruitment.

Inspired to provide a virtual support platform for all business owners, to be able to reach their clients and effectively focus on more important tasks, while leaving the Administrative and Business Development work to ATB.

ATB is the extension of your company !

ATB Business Services, the support branches to your Business.